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What We Offer

Our Construction Management Services

We offer any and all of the following construction management services.

Concept and economics

If requested, we can assist the client with research relative to the proposed project that may include:

  • The setting of proactive project goals
  • Conceptual building design as it relates to its intended purpose
  • Planning and zoning requirements
  • Possible environmental studies
  • Cost effective project delivery systems
  • Assisting in possible site selections
  • Development of an effective site plan
  • Preliminary budget and schedule
  • Energy efficient, “Green Building”

Functional Schematic Design

It is important to produce schematic design work that is relative to the function and budget as envisioned by the client and we can provide the following:

  • Assist the client in the tendering and selection of a professional design firm possessing design expertise relative to the proposed project with a clear understanding of the client’s vision, budget and timeline and the ability to design accordingly.
  • Assist in determining the design firm’s scope of work is consistent with the associated fee.
  • Assist the selected design firm in producing the projects schematic design assuring that relevant codes and standards are addressed and the preliminary scheduled and budget are relevant.
  • Produce a critical path schedule that maintains its relevance with the transition to working construction drawings
  • Assisting the design team with value analysis that maintains the integrity of the design.
  • We will work with the design team and client to insure that the conceptual and schematic drawings produced are a clear and concise reflection of the project goals.
  • We will work with the design team to insure that all codes, standards, and other inquiries have been satisfied.

Working Drawings and Specifications

The production of working drawings for the construction process is critical to the success of the project. We can provide the following:

  • We will work with the design team and client to insure that the working drawings produced are a clear and concise reflection of the project goals.
  • We will work with the design team to insure that all codes, standards, and other inquiries have been satisfied.

Tender and Award of Contracts

The process of selecting qualified contractors for the construction of the project is critical. We can provide the following:

  • Assist the design team and client in tendering prospective contractors.
  • Assist the design team and client in the assessment and pre-qualification of proposed contractors regarding familiarity with project type, insurance and bonding capability, financial credibility, and an active safety program.
  • Assist the design team and client in meeting with approved contractors to insure their understanding of the project goals, working drawings, project schedule, and the willingness to assist in value analysis specific to their expertise.
  • Assist the design team and client in selecting the proper contractual agreements that include specific verbiage for dispute resolution avoiding prolonged litigation.
  • Assisting the design team and client in verification that required documentation provided for in the contracts is received, i.e. insurance, performance bonds, schedule of values, billing documentation, current license, safety program

Construction Process

This phase of the project can be the realization of the goals or the beginning of a long complicated and frustrating process. This phase is truly, “Where the tire meets the road”. To make this phase the realization of goals, we can provide the following:

  • Provide our client secure electronic access to all project data 24 / 7
  • Provide continuous on site project management
  • Assist the owner in implementing a funds disbursement plan
  • The project family at this point is large and therefore it is important to assist in maintaining a team spirit and that the team is always focused on the client’s goals
  • We become the eyes and ears of our client in the field, so project meeting attendance is mandatory for all contractors and relevant suppliers.
  • Provide continuous meticulous record keeping, the accuracy and validity of documents is maintained
  • Scheduled site visits by ICMS Principals insure that when assisting in the review of payment applications, front loading and other problems are avoided and the client only pays legitimate pay requests
  • Assist in the review and verification of change orders, RFI’s, and the other myriad of construction documentation consistent with this phase of the project.
  • Promptly inform the client of any irregularities that might arise and present viable solutions.
  • Monitor the critical path schedule and present solutions to regain any lost time.
  • Insure that project safety is maintained protecting the client from risk and liability
  • Monitor and maintain the quality of the project workmanship, which in turn enhances the client’s project value.


This process is essential to your client to maintain the integrity of the project. We can provide the following:

  • Insure with the design team and contractors that the required bureaucratic documentation is completed, i.e. Certificate of occupancy, fire marshal inspections, etc.
  • Work with the team to insure that the required design team and contractor close out documentation is completed and received by the client
  • Produce for the client and electronic file of documentation amassed during the project to include drawings, pay requests, construction documents, warranties, and other documents pertinent to the project.
  • Produce an accurate accounting of the project, both electronic and hardcopy.


Our services fit your needs. ICMS, Inc. can offer assistance in all of the previously discussed areas or just a portion. If you are considering the purchase and suitability of a piece of land, or ex-ploring the possibilities of building renovation, we can advise. We can review your design documents for cost effectiveness or just act as on-site representatives during construction. We can review con-tracts, change orders, and other project documentation. We can act as an extension to the existing facilities group or project managers in your organization by helping you find what your needs may be and integrate our expertise into your team. Large or small, your needs can be met.

Fee Structure

At ICMS, we take a proactive approach to maintaining low administrative overhead costs al-lowing our fees to be as flexible as our services. They are negotiated to best fit your organization. Once we have defined in what capacity we will be utilized, we can offer any of the following options:

  • Overall fixed fee.
  • Fee as a percentage of the project cost.
  • Hourly fee up to a maximum preset amount.
  • One of the above fees with a cost savings split.

Moreover, we believe that our clients, or any client for that matter, should pay only for the ac-tual cost of the project , without the hidden costs allowed in traditional contracting agreements.